Our Chatbots, Voicebots and Virtual Assistants are the most reliable communication channel between Your brand and your customers.

By implementing an Intelligent Assistant in your company you can:

Attend massively to your customers immediately

Regardless of the number of people who contact you, you can always respond instantly.


Offer your clients self-management

Our Chatbots have the ability to provide complete personalized information, without the need to redirect to another medium. For example, you are a telecom company and your user does not have a network, instead of telling him to turn it on and off, or give him instructions for use, our assistants review the internal infrastructure, your account and file and can tell you in effect we have problems in your area currently or explain that you do not have a balance and offer a recharge.

Offer Omnicanality

Regardless of the channel through which your customers communicate, our attendees know who the person is who contacts and can save the context of the conversation. Example: If your customers start a WhatsApp conversation with your company and migrate to a conversation on another channel, our smart assistants are able to recognize the context of the person's previous conversation and follow up on any other channel.

Be proactive with your customers

Be able to recognize your users' behavior patterns and predict their needs before saying them. EXAMPLE: When the same day of each month writes you the same client to request a certain service, our robots predict the pattern and the next time that same client contacts you they offer the service before they request it.

Have Secure Sales

Our robots are capable of closing sales, in the same way they have the ability to generate alarms or transfer calls / conversations to another executive prioritizing the conversation in the ACD.

Have continuous improvement consulting and robots with learning

Your operational errors tend to 0% in the short term Also, we make sure to provide you with personalized attention, continuous consulting where we recommend possible processes automation.
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Enjoy custom reporting

Take advantage of all the information generated by interactions with your customers in your databases, reports on sentiment, topic, new needs, regions, products and more.

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