Raise the productivity of your company with this innovations.

With the productivity technology you can use different tools to make your operation more efficient like:

Speech / Text analytics:
Automatically check every conversation in your customers to alert you to fraud, new needs and automate your quality reviews.
Quality Monitoring:
Contributes to optimizing the management of Quality in operations and processes, which reduces costs, minimizes errors and helps the business be more agile. We have the tools of Screen Recording and Monitoring with Analytics.

* Screen Recording: Applying our technology, your company will be able to implement this tool that facilitates quality management in productivity, making it more effective Continuous monitoring

* Monitoring with Analytics: Our sophisticated Analytics Monitoring service is an excellent option to measure the productivity of your company as it prevents and detects the Misuse of data, increase employee participation and optimize inefficient workflows. We offer you a comprehensive analysis that includes constant reporting helping to detect and correct risks or misuse of devices immediately.
Image recognition:
Provides the ability to interpret what the computer's vision registers, being able to classify it.
Sentiment Analysis
(Optical recognition of intelligent characters), will help you to be able to capture and digitize documents in a simple way, optimizing and streamlining the classification process.